Are you a visionary, conscious entrepreneur, author, speaker or coach who is frustrated with the technical challenges of automating your business communication and content delivery systems?

  • Do you want to empower a larger online audience with your message, while having fun and making more money?
  • Do you need a technically savvy guide who understands effective marketing systems who also shares your values of making a positive contribution to the planet?
  • Have you ever watched videos, attended webinars, or purchased expensive courses to present yourself online, but still need assistance getting off the ground?
  • Do you have or can you produce ebooks, videos or audios from your content to sell directly online to a worldwide audience?

If so, I would like to speak with you about being your trusted guide. Contact me now for a free strategy session.

My services include an integrated brand strategy and project management across all the media you need:

Kaizen (改善) is a Japanese word meaning, “change for the better.” This phrase expresses our practice of focusing on continuous improvement of processes in business. Almost any business website or sales flow will benefit from small, incremental changes. Sometimes the improvements happen quickly, other times they occur more slowly, with the passage of time.

Kaizen Marketing is dedicated to helping you make such changes in your online marketing. We work especially with “conscious entrepreneurs” who are also committed to helping others make changes for the better, in ways that are ethical, socially responsible and life enhancing.

A Basic Roadmap

Here’s a basic roadmap that will assist you in achieving online success! Over many years, I have learned and follow PROVEN strategies from online marketing masters such as Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Brendon Burchard and Lisa Sasevich.

sitecom1) Begin with a well-optimized website. Are you in need of a simple and fully functional site? I work exclusively with WordPress, the newest web standard that is easy to use and very search friendly.

2) Attract relevant traffic via search engines and incoming links. This can be both free “organic” search traffic and paid traffic from Google or other sources.

3) Email Marketing – Convert those visitors into potential customers by giving away something of value, while building an email list, using an automated email marketing tool such as Aweber, Mailchimp or Send Pepper. Engage with your prospects in ways that build trust, offering high value and inviting them to give you money for your value. (They will be ready to buy at the right time, if you do this right)

4) Social Media and Video. Create and maintain a Facebook Fan page and YouTube Channel, linking  to your primary site. Use my simple strategy for staying engaged with your followers by spending just a few minutes per week. I will show you how to make it simple. A new kid on the block, now the 3rd largest social media site, is Pinterest. If you sell directly to consumers and individuals, you will want to be on Pinterest.

5) Make your site mobile ready. An estimated 60% of local searches will come from Mobile devices (including smartphones and pads) by the end of 2012. Last year 37% of the US population had smartphones, this year is 52% and will be rising. You need to make sure your site shows correctly on mobile phones and pads.

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