Welcome iFrames to Facebook

FBML was Facebooks crude answer to HTML and was always a bit of a pain to work with. Could not use standard JavaScript or PHP codes to do the basic things most websites do easily – like serve up a different image once users become fans – a neat trick that required a weird CSS code work around to work at all.

Now, as of March 18, 2011, all that will change, and for the better. Now iFrames work on all Facebook pages, which basically means you can point to and load a web page from any standard server, with all JavaScript and PHP coding operational. Cool! Recently YouTube also switched over to the iFrames method to embed video in sites and it works great.

Great iFrames tutorials here

However, there are some new hoops to jump through as well. To get this to work, you have to sign up as a “developer” and get a unique program ID for each “application” (facebook page) you are custom building. Not a big deal, but will be too technical and time consuming for most small business owners.

Let us take this job off your plate and help you to create a dynamic and fully functional Facebook fan page. Need to add your email list building form or video to the page? No problem. Need a custom welcome page for folks not yet fans? No problem. Want to offer a discount or special code for those who become fans, as an incentive? No problem. We use and recommend the latest marketing techniques to attract new fans and convert them into customers fast.

See: Fantastic Facebook Fan Pages for more info (just ignore the reference to FBML – we now do everything using the state of the art iFrames)

My teacher Mari Smith is pretty much the Queen of Facebook and covers this in much more detail here:

Essential Guide To Facebook Page Changes

So, say goodbye to FBML and Hello to Facebook iFrames!

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