All Traffic Is Not Created Equal

Bob Serling explains well why most online traffic sources are unreliable at best: you have no way of knowing whether they are tire kickers (most of them) or buyers. Another mistake many businesses make it treating everyone on their list the same. A buyer is exponentially more valuable than a looker and Bob offers an easy way to tell them apart and segment your list to devote energy to the right group. Makes perfect sense.

So here it is: the reason why these methods (and so many other lead generation and traffic generation methods) fall flat on thier faces is that… drumroll please… there’s no way to tell if the prospects you attract are buyers or tire kickers.

But here’s the important part: if you can’t clearly identify people who have an actual history of buying a product similar to yours, you’re wasting the majority of the time, effort and money you invest in lead and traffic generation.

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