Viral Movies A Great Way To Expand Reach and Build a List

Imagine your own viral movie that folks love so much they pass it from person to person, building a large list quickly and selling your books or products

That is exactly what we have done with The Five Secrets and we can do for you for a surprisingly affordable price. Within 2 months of release, the Five Secrets movie was seen over 400,000 times, built a list of over 5,000, collected almost 400 blog comments and sold hundreds of books, all from the power of viral marketing and word of mouth. To this day, about 300 folks per day see this video, months after any direct marketing efforts. At the peak, the page was seen 10,000 times per day. Here is the movie:

Our most recent movie may be the best one yet: great photos, music and is short and sweet, with a positive message that so many want to hear in these days of doom and gloom. This one is based on Lynda Gratton’s book GLOW. And if you also like it and are inspired by it, please pass it on to your list using the share button on the movie. This also demonstrates the ability to embed the movies in any other web page, getting even more exposure. And the free gift for this is a great short chapter of her book you will enjoy. Turn up your speakers, hit the full screen button, relax and … enjoy!

Another form of this movie is taking an existing short video and putting it in a Flash “wrapper” complete with the same viral ready buttons and ending with the integrated opt-in list building form. This we did for the Mark Albion book: More Than Money. Mark had Free Range Studios produce the original video which had a run on his site and on YouTube. Our viral wrapper gave it another life and helped extend the reach and build the email list for the publisher Berrett-Koelher. Here’s the movie:

These movies are typically produced by larger companies for $5-10K. Kaizen Marketing can produce them for you starting at $500 for the existing video version. Contact us for an estimate and to discuss your project today.

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