The Ultimate Ethical Bribe From Yanik Silver

Yanik has the ultimate job: he takes executives and ceos out on wild Dune Buggie adventures in Baja and such places and teaches them how to dramatically increase their sales and business and charges them $15K per such event.

Here’s a way to get the info from one of these $15K events for less than $10 (shipping and handling). This is a real no brainer and I have mine on order. A long time student and collaborator with Dan Kennedy, his sales flow and marketing methods are brilliant. Follow this link and read his sales letter to learn even if you do not buy it.

Read this from Yanik and get your own via the link below.

Q. What exactly is the deal?

A. You’re getting a special, $15k closed-door presentation entitled “Instant Leverage Points in Your Business That Bring You Surges of Cash”. It’s a presentation I did last January to 26 top-gun entrepreneurs and business leaders, who paid about $15k in membership fees and trip fees to come together in Baja, Mexico for Maverick Business Adventures.

Plus, I’ve bundled up this DVD, the MindMap I handed out, my newest book called “34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs”, a 2 CD-Audio program and more – the only thing you pay for is s/h. (Just $7.95 U.S. or Canada and slightly more Int’l for a package easily worth 30x this meager amount.)

— Q. What is Maverick Business Insider?

A. As some of you know, I’ve been pretty much solely focused on my new Maverick Business Adventures® concept. It’s a combination of thrilling adventures, business sessions and giving back through charity and education to empower future entrepreneurs.

With a steep membership fee and strict qualifications there’s only a small, select group of top gun entrepreneurs who can be part of this. But there is a much larger group who can benefit from the collective wisdom here.

One part of Maverick Business Insider is the monthly newsletter with candid interviews with those Maverick members, who are self-made millionaires, and understand how to create a work/life balance, while having a positive impact on the world and their community by giving back. These are the real-life people who are quietly making fortunes on and offline and have cracked the code.

Another part of Maverick Business Insider is the collective ‘tribe’. There are events, community, call-in times and more. It’s an evolving list of benefits only for members.

—- Heard enough? Here’s where you can grab your intro package:

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. 3 reasons really…

Reason #1: It’s an “Ethical Bribe” for you to try the new Maverick Business Insider newsletter.

Reason #2: It’s because this is a brand new resource so obviously we don’t have comments from members yet. I’m looking for your help after you’ve received the package to let me know your comments (good or bad).

Reason #3: This one might sound a bit corny but it’s true. My company’s “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” is to help ‘Maverick-tize’ 1,000,000 entrepreneurs by the year 2020 and impact 1,000,000 young entrepreneurs  Quite frankly, I’m out to change the game of how business is played.

— Q. I’ve seen this before from X, Y, & Z? What makes your material different?

A. I really don’t see anything else in the marketplace that is speaking about not just the making money aspect, but a more balanced approach of having more fun and giving back more at the same time.

— Q. What’s the catch?

A. None really. I’m probably making this too easy – but if you decide the Maverick Business Insider membership isn’t for you – just let us know before the first month is up and you won’t be billed a penny for ongoing membership. Plus you can even keep everything from this introductory package as my gift for giving it a fair shake. That means you do not need to send anything back!

Let me repeat that – you do NOT need to send one shred of material back!

But I do expect 2 things from you –

As much as I’d like to offer this to everybody – I only want the right individuals as members in here – so there are 2 initial filters that you must meet:

– Qualification #1: You must be willing to give it a fair chance and promise to apply the material shared. If you’re a ‘know-it-all-seen-it-all’ type this isn’t for you. Or, if you already know you are going to simply ask to cancel without objectively going through the material – save all of us the headache, grief and negative energy by not even signing up.

– Qualification #2: 5% pledge to charity of your choice. To help convince my fellow Mavericks to take part in this – they wanted to see their efforts rewarded (not monetarily) but through charitable contributions.  I’m asking you to pledge giving back 5% to the charity of your choice from any additional profits you create using the information revealed as part of Maverick Business Insider. Frankly, there’s no way I can track this – it’s on the honor system. (We feature a charity we support in each issue and hope there will be a profound ripple effect from this.)

So there you go.

Hopefully all this answers a few more questions so you’ll simply say “maybe” and try the new ‘Maverick Business Insider’.

Get the whole scoop and find out about the special Fast- Mover Bonuses still remaining here:

All the best,  Yanik Silver

P.S. The next Fast-Action bonus is go away is tonight at midnight, ET. So don’t get left on the sidelines here – come join the Maverick tribe and create more profits, passion and purpose!

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