The Five Secrets Goes Viral!

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UPDATE: Over the last 4 weeks, we have generated over 300,000 page views and climbing recently to almost 10,000 views per day. Here is the recent report from my client, Berrett-Koehler Publishing: “After the big run-up to 16,000 views in one day in early September from the “socialable” Stumbleupon jumpstart, we were averaging 3,000 to 4,000 views per day during late September and early October.  Starting on October 12, the daily plays started heading up, hitting 9,077 yesterday, 10/22.  3,153 emails have been collected to date from The Five Secrets Flash. ”

More notes: Book sales also showed a spike both on Amazon and on their web site and the future sales they will make on this large list of new subscribers will be significant. The traffic from Stumbleupon has dropped and most is now coming as “direct”. This means that folks are using the share function to pass it on to friends. A shorter 3 minute version is almost ready which I think will be even more effective in collecting emails and leading to more book sales. Keep reading to learn why this movie worked so well and how you might do the same for your book project or message. – Wayne

Original post:

Am pleased and proud to report that my latest creative effort in conjunction with Berrett-Koehler Publishers has produced a viral phenomenon – exactly what we had hoped for – and really what every marketing and sales effort should aspire to.

Not only did folks click on the link in their email, they watched it, they liked it and most important, they passed it on to friends to watch.

Yesterday, Berrett-Koehler reported a spike in traffic of over 9,000 visitors in a single day! And it may be just warming up.

This spike got a boost from StumbleUpon but is also getting quite a bit of direct linking, which indicates folks are passing it along. See the comments on StumbleUpon, a great site by the way.

What makes this one effective?

I think the combination of an inspiring message, beautiful photos, moving music and a clean interface with full screen option all helped. And an expert internet marketing company to boost it along didn’t hurt either. 😉

Another interesting aspect of this campaign is the user feedback and input. At the end (or you can jump to free gift link at bottom) there is a form to enter your own secret to be possibly added to future editions of the book. Folks love this and over 300 have been submitted. [update: This week will be moving this to a blog to capture these comments in a more automated fashion.]

If you have not yet seen it, do so by clicking image below and watch the full screen version with the speakers turned on. The message is a good one especially now in times of uncertainty. Enjoy!

We have one more such project in development for Mark Albion, and his book More Than Money. Stay tuned.

And if you are an author, especially with good inspirational material, let’s create a similar success story for you as well. Contact me at 805-403-1128 to learn more. It may more more affordable than you think.

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