The Coolest Dude on The Planet

coolest dudeOk, I know SEO superstar Brad Fallon and others are busy competing for the search term “Coolest guy on the planet” and I will not play in their game. But how about “coolest dude on the planet”? I just wanted to see how fast I could rank for this playful term using the simple blog and SEO techniques I use for my web businesses and for my clients.

Update: After 2 days, my blog post was #6 for this term and after adding just a few incoming links, I am now at #1 AND #2. Check it out here.

Dude is a popular term among the California surfing crowd (Dude!) and was the name for Jeff Bridges’ character (“The Dude”) in “The Great Lebowski” – a really funny movie by the way.

I do not surf regularly like some other really cool dudes, but I do get out on my kayak occasionally and ride some waves. Very cool and very fun! I do want to learn the stand on top surf boards that are popular now.

I run my own internet marketing and SEO business from the comfort of my beautiful Santa Barbara home – that’s cool!

I am also am a devoted and loving father of an amazing young man named Bryce. Being a dad is both the hardest and the coolest thing I have ever done.

I also play keyboards, guitar and hand drums and write and sing cool songs, some based on the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz. I think that alone qualifies me to be the coolest dude on the planet but you can be the judge. Also check this cool video below. I am playing harmonia and singing with Bo the singing dog.

So, search Google and see who comes up. If I have done my work, you should see this very page right up top. Now that is cool!

Wayne Marshall, the coolest dude on the planet

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