Social Media and Twitter Power

These rough notes are from an excellent webinar by Perry Belcher. The growth and potential of social media is staggering. Check these stats and some expert advise on using Twitter and Facebook. If you have not yet joined Twitter, by all means do so and follow me at

18 to 34 age group spend 4.3 x time on Social media as TV, newspapers and other media combined!

Facebook adds 240K users per Day! PER DAY!

FB has 140 M active users
almost doubled in last 12 months – grew much faster than Google in adding users.

out of $50B TV ads – 8% now moved to Youtube and internet video  – soon it will be much higher

folks are still reading but they are reading blogs – 13 Million active blogs and more than 5B readers

Dont try to be “professional” – not company to person but person to person

spend 30 minutes a day – have fun
Social Media like party be cool – make friends
blog like house and should be 80% about you and 20% about what you do – get to the back porch – this is where you sell stuff – folks will  come to you.

follow every follower that are following folks you like
many will follow you back

find your twitter style
tweet at your leisure – should be fun.

compliment them
confirm their suspicions – news
support their dreams
ally their fears – tell them its ok
throw stones at enemies – (Delta Airlines)
give resources
be funny or borrow funny – youtube video
ask questions – even when you answer
answer your @’s dont be a twitter snob

Follow @perrybelcher for more of this great stuff and check his followers – 59,000! Not sure how he can possibly keep up with 59k folks to follow but there you go. I know he made a bundle recently with just one little twitter post about a certain big product launch. And if you have 1000’s of folks listening to what you have to say, that is powerful.

I am certainly encouraged by this to keep working social media in the right way – not being one of the too quick to sell jerks he talks about – but someone who  gives real value in my work and folks will listen and eventually, buy my stuff, as Frank Kern  likes to say.

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