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Google Adwords (PPC) Campaign Management

Is your Google Pay Per Click Adwords campaign lifeless? Perhaps it is not providing you with the return on investment that it should?

You may simply need a professional set-up or audit of your existing campaign. Google Adwords help is just a click away!

Kaizen Marketing offers Google Adwords account set up, tune-ups, campaign audits and monthly management to improve your ROI.


Above is from recent PPC client that went from 4-6 clicks a day to 40-50, after our optimization.

Google Adwords Account Set-up

If you are just starting out with Adwords, Kaizen Marketing will create your account for you, using the basic strategies that have proven effective time after time.

The 5 key elements for a winning Adwords campaign:

1) Highly targeted, relevant keywords.
2) Small, tightly grouped, ad groups based around the same terminology.
3) Text ads that match the keywords (and terminology) exactly.
4) Landing pages that match the keywords and the text ads exactly.
5) Tracking mechanisms that allow you to ensure that the keywords are paying for themselves.

Assuming you have something worthwhile to sell, our 5 part strategy will get you off on the right track to a winning and profitable campaign. We will set up the metrics so you can see which keywords lead to sales and how much you spend per sale. If some keywords get clicks (cost you money) but never produce sales, we will eliminate those as we go along.

Do you have a Google Adwords Campaign and want us to Optimize it?

We can help!

The SpeedPPC methodology is developed by Jay Stockwell who is a qualified AdWords Professional.

The industry knowledge and experience we possess, enables us to quickly identify problem areas you may have overlooked. Often times all it takes is a few tweaks to bring down the costs of your campaigns and bring up the level of clicks, conversions and sales.

Kaizen Marketing will take an objective look at your PPC campaigns and provide you with an eye-opening and detailed report of what you need to do to improve its performance and conversions.

Included in our Adwords Optimization Campaign are recommendations on how to increase the effectiveness of the following Adwords elements:

* Current campaign structure
* Current ad groups structure
* Keyword selection
* Match types
* Bidding and budgets
* Ad and landing page content
* Performance and results.

SpeedPPC At Work Here

We use a ninja, not so secret weapon, the super powerful PPC tool called SpeedPPC. This amazing tool quickly sets up specific ad groups targeting the “long tail keywords” in your market that would just take too long to create without it. You can buy it and do this yourself but it is NOT a trivial learning curve. Why not let us do it for you so you don’t have to worry about it? If you wish to purchase and learn SpeedPPC yourself, here is our affiliate link. (yes, we will make money – gasp! – if you purchase via that link)

Fees are $500 first month set up and ad writing with $250/mo maintenance. Includes 6 or more hours the first month and 3 hour monthly  thereafter with weekly status reports provided. These rates are half of what comparable competitors are charging and  we typically get our clients more clicks for less money by optimizing the adgroups and improving the Click Through Rates (CTR). Fees do not include setting up dynamic landing pages to match the ads, but we will offer this more advanced SpeedPCC tactic for a small additional fee. See dynamic landing pages for PPC, our recent blog post about it. Highly recommended.

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