Product Launch Blueprint

Here’s What You Will Get With Your Product Launch Blueprint:

1) Complete Product Launch Blueprint Initial Assessment – we’ll run your entire launch through an initial assessment – this proven process will identify the strengths, weaknesses, hidden assets, and potential home run leverage points for your launch. This is a simple, painless process – and the payoff is huge and often immediate.

Just walking through this first part of process will pay huge dividends for you on launch day. ($199 Value)

2) Product Launch Blueprint Coaching Call – This is a 60 minute call with me where we go over in detail what I’ve identified in the Initial Assessment… we’ll nail down your offer, your actual product, your assets, specific launch tactics and strategies, your launch team assets, launch timing, and lots more. I’ll be able to answer your specific questions (and if I don’t have the answer, then I’ve got the resources to find the answer). This step is usually THE most useful part for all my clients. This is where we layout your entire plan for launch day success. ($299 Value)

3) Your complete Product Launch Blueprint – I take everything from our 60 minute call and create your written Product Launch Blueprint specifically for you. This plan will give you a proven step-by-step plan that will not only tell you what to do, but how to do it. It will be a turnkey plan you can implement yourself, or give to your virtual assistant (or, if you prefer, you can have my team implement the plan.) Make no mistake, a coordinated Product Launch is the single greatest leverage point you can have in your business – both for immediate sales and for long term business growth. This Blueprint is your key to a wildly successful Product Launch. ($699 Value)

Total investment for this Product Launch Blueprint is $1,197. However, in my experience, I know that businesses that start their launch planning process early get MUCH BETTER results – so I’ve got a HUGE fast-action discount if you act now… I’m going to give you this full package for HALF PRICE!

That’s right, you get the entire Product Launch Blueprint for the low price of $597. However, you need to act NOW to get this special pricing (and obviously, due to the amount of time each Blueprint takes me, I can only take a small number of people at this price each quarter).

So if you respond BEFORE April 15, you will receive everything above for only $597. Note: I only have 5 spots available per quarter at this price, so I reserve the right to pull this offer at any time.

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