Product Launches

What the heck IS a Product Launch anyway?

Remember when Apple released the iPhone?  There was tons of buzz in the media,  journalists writing about it, people camping out in front of stores to get their hands on one.

Same with any Harry Potter book.  There are Harry Potter parties, people camping out for days at book stores to be the first ones getting their hands on the book.  And, the media and publishing world going nuts all over one little book.

What separates these memorable product launches with the millions of others we never hear about?

It’s not a product, it’s an EVENT!

Yes, an event.  There is a date set for the launch and tons of work goes into creating  buzz and building anticipation around this particular DAY. Hollywood uses this same strategy in rolling out a blockbuster movie, there is so much buzz created, $millions can be made in a single weekend.

In the internet marketing world, product launches have pretty much been redefined by two guys: Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula and his pal Frank Kern of Mass Control (another mentor of mine). Jeff has tested and perfected a set of strategies and tactics and had taught them to many in his popular Product Launch Formula. These principles run behind the scenes of ALL the major and successful online product launches, including the recent Video Boss launch from the funny AND brilliant Andy Jenkins.

Andy produced a series of 4 how to videos as his pre-launch content that created so much buzz around his product that 3000 blog posts appeared on his blog. Folks were itching to give him money after video #1! On launch day, he sold out his $2000 product within 3 hours and took in over 1 $Million.

For a free case study of that successful launch, just enter your email on the right. This case study alone could transform your business if you are paying attention. (do pay attention!)

Yes, This Works In Your Market Too!

If you have a business selling a product or service online, these methods flat out work in practically any market. From love letter ebooks, to health foods to pet products, the “Event” model of product launches just works. In many cases, it works extremely well, with as much revenue generated in a single week as the company often makes all year. The case studies and results from Product Launch Formula speak for themselves. (Due to the recent FTC hoopla, Jeff  took down the videos of the case studies, but you can still get a sense of the range of business types this works for, via the link above.)

Yes, you could probably spend thousands of dollars and hours learning this stuff yourself, or you could simply hire a competent team such as mine to handle things FOR YOU.

Kaizen Marketing founder Wayne Marshall is a Jeff Walker trained Product Launch Manager and has recently completed an exclusive coaching program with Jeff and is a key member of a highly skilled product launch team that won top honors at Jeff’s recent event in LA.

Bottom Line: if you are selling online and NOT using the concept of a product launch event, you are leaving money on the table, and perhaps lots of it. Let me show you how to increase your profits using these proven strategies.

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