ONTRAPORT vs Infusionsoft

infusionsoftvsOntraportRecently, I attended a  3 day conference here in Santa Barbara with fast growing and dynamic local company ONTRAPORT, previously known by their flagship product, Office Auto Pilot (OAP)

For years I have heard about Infusionsoft, the high end business automation tool from the older, bigger company that’s been recommended by Dan Kennedy and many others for years.

ONTRAPORT is like the new kid on the block at about a tenth of the customer base but is growing fast and in some cases is taking some customers and market share from the larger company.

So, assuming there are advantages to both systems and you are NOT likely to get a complete and unbiased answer from either company, I set out to get a good comparison between the two. What I found was mostly reviews slanted towards one or the other with comparing of feature sets only, which is NOT the most important thing.

What IS important is knowing which one is more appropriate to which industry and type of business.

Here’s the low down as borrowed from Seth Ellsworth, a guy who knows both systems and uses them both regularly.

Choose ONTRAPORT if your business model or industry is…

  • Business or Life Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Speaking
  • Author
  • Seminar Leader
  • Information Marketing
  • Blogger

Choose ONTRAPORT if you are…

  • High volume emailer (allows for personal IP addresses)
  • New to online marketing (is quicker to learn)
  • New to marketing in general (Get free campaigns done for you)
  • Need more of a personal touch (without extra cost)

Do NOT choose Ontraport if…

  • You need or want a multi-product store where people can add several products to a shopping cart.
  • You feel like you must have the visual designing capabilities of the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder to be successful.
  • Your product or service is B2B. ONTRAPORT is not “business aware” meaning businesses are not factored in to their CRM, only warm blooded humans.

When You Should Choose Infusionsoft:

Choose Infusionsoft if your business model or industry is…

  • Traditional small business (offline businesses, brick and mortar, etc)
  • E-commerce (sell multiple products via shopping cart)
  • Business to Business sales and marketing (any company with a sales team).
  • Pipeline based sales model (Built-in tools for pipeline sales)

Choose Infusionsoft if you are…

  • Dependent upon a visual campaign builder
  • Wanting big events and community to support your campaigns

Do NOT choose Infusionsoft if…

  • You need personal help to succeed and don’t have the budget to pay for that help.
  • You get overwhelmed very easily with technology (Infusionsoft is intimidating).

Watch the videos, read the original article and get more info here >>

No free trial

Neither system offers a free trial to kick the tires but ONTRAPORT does offer a 90 day guarantee period and will refund your money if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

FREE Expert Demo

Much more than a classic demo or product pitch, this personalized strategy session will assess your business needs to see if you are indeed a good fit for ONTRAPORT. From their site on this: “In your strategy session, we’ll discuss the challenges you’re facing as a business owner and if ONTRAPORT is the right platform for you. By the end of your call, you’ll understand how simple and powerful ONTRAPORT is, and how we can transform your business.”

Request a free demo of ONTRAPORT here.

Your Personal Guide to ONTRAPORT

NOTE: If you choose to purchase Ontraport via these referral partner links, I will include 2 hours of free set up working with you personally to help reach your business automation goals. Contact me about my services as your personal ONTRAPORT guide and consultant. If you are like most, you will need some expert assistance in making the most of this powerful but complex toolset.

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