New Video Marketing Service

I am pleased to announce a new service offered from Kaizen Marketing: Short, compelling, marketing videos designed to grab attention and get viewers to take a specific action: go to the next screen, sign up for your email list, pick up the phone and call or whatever you want them to do next.

Here is an example I just completed for friend and client Brian Ridgway and if you are intrigued by this introduction, I highly recommend his work and suggest you at least take him up on his offer and watch the first video in the series. Let me know how you like it! Will be improving this further with a few choice graphics to illustrate the points further.


Because I’ve invested in state of the art animation and video editing tools, AND I am a small shop, I can create these for FAR less than you might imagine. Contact me today if interested in learning more about this new service.

Thanks! Wayne

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