Leadership and Self-Deception: New Flash Movie

Just competed this new inspirational movie for The Arbinger Group and Berrett-Koehler Publishers, promoting the popular book on business and personal leadership: Leadership and Self-Deception, which has a near cult following and has spread via word of mouth over the last few years.  This little movie may help that viral effect and we hope for it to help sell lots of new books. Arbinger produced the video but we added the viral “wrapper” and last screen with back end opt-in form.

Sign up for a free PDF of the last 2 chapters of the book for a taste. Warning: you may wish to buy the book after reading the PDF. Good news: there’s a 30% off link in there with free shipping too.

New feature on this one: the embed option I am using here to embed it on my own blog now is not autoplay (a bit annoying on blogs) and requires that you click the screen to begin playing. Try it, you’ll like it.

Just added: It works! My friend Jeff added movie on his blog (using new embed feature) and got this from a reader:

Dear Jeff,
Your New Paradigm Digest is greatly appreciated.   It’s led me to many people and ideas of interest and value that I would have otherwise missed. The latest item to really catch my eye was the presentation by the Arbinger Institute regarding Leadership & Self-Deception.  I don’t do this often, but that day I went out and bought the book.  – Mo Charbonneau


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