10 Awesome Things to Make Your Blog Rock!

The links and resources on this page are so cool, I am just passing them on here.  If you have not heard of thesis theme for Word Press, you will soon. It’s revolutionary and most of my newest Word Press blog sites will be based on Thesis – more later on that subject.

10 Awesome Things to Make Your Blog Rock!

by Matt Langford

The world of blogging has been flooded with resources over the past few years. There are many self-proclaimed ‘experts’ that have no portfolio, limited experience, and horrible blogs.

Part of becoming successful in the blogging world is being able to filter through the mess to find the gems that do exist. No matter how successful your blog is or eventually will become, there is no doubt that you’ll have to learn from others on a daily basis. Whether you choose to lean on Darren Rowse or take a more creative approach, you WILL have problems arise.

The following is a list of 10 Mostly New Things that will help you speed up the learning process and ultimately Make Your Blog Rock! Check out this mixture of tools, reading material, design and seo themes, and other resources.

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