How To Add the Skype Button to Your Site

Almost everyone seems to Skype these days and for good reason – reliable connection and sound quality – for free! I can speak with friends across the globe and is better than phone quality, as long as I am on a fast connection.

Instead of searching for a contact form or email or phone number, how would it be if folks could reach you directly via Skype, whenever you were online? Directly from a button on your website?

Just found this handy post by Ann Premazon that shows you exactly how to do it. (and you can always hire us to do it for you) I plan on adding this button to my Kaizen site soon.

Do you have a website or blog where you offer and sell products or a service? If you do, keep reading. If you don’t… keep reading anyway, this might come in handy. Imagine how connected your visitors would feel if they had the opportunity to speak to you directly in an instant. Instead of leaving a written comment, they could press the button and speak with you. You can answer their questions right away, hold chat parties and ultimately sell more of your product!

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