Google Advertising

Did you know?

  • Google reaches over 84% of internet users in North America.
  • Adwords shows ads (usually right side of search results) to potential customers actively searching the web for YOUR service or product.
  • You pay ONLY when someone clicks on the ad and visits your website

Kaizen Marketing is now an approved agency for Google Engage, a program designed to help small businesses increase relevant traffic and grow their business using Google Adwords.

In my experience, Adwords can be either a boon or a bust (don’t tell Google I said so) depending on your market, product and how well you design the ad campaign. Just throwing up thoughtless ads will certainly not do the job. But match your message to your market correctly and price your keywords correctly, and it can be a dependable and positive Return On Investment.

Kaizen Marketing has been trained by Google and Adwords guru Perry Marshall (no relation but I like his last name) to efficiently and effective design an ad campaign to fit your goals and your budget.

Get $100 in free Ads!

Right now as part of Google promotion, you get $100 in free ads, when you spend your first $25. Spend just $25 and get $125 in ads. Assuming $1 per click, you will be getting 125 targeted leads to your website.

Contact me now to get a custom proposal to help your business expand using Google Adwords.


Wayne Marshall
Kaizen Marketing