Giving Thanks

waterfallI wrote this a few years back but is good to recycle this time of year. Helps me remember the beauty all around me and to also give thanks for the trials and challenges as well as the ease and obvious goodness. May our diamonds be polished even finer! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Giving thanks

I left to go walk up Fir Canyon this morning
and ended up in this timeless place
just me and my creator
giving thanks

Thanks for the cool, autumn-charged air
so crisp and clear and full of bay leaf and sage
I want to draw it down deep
into my fingers and toes

Thanks for the warmth of the midday sun
for the miracle by which I can see
rays of light shining thru trees
of blue-green spruce and golden maple

Thanks for the breath of the gentle wind
that coaxes the unsure yellow leaf
to let go of its moorings and fall carefree
dancing back and forth on currents of air

Thanks for the song of a thousand voices
singing so joyously in the cascading water
as it tumbles over the rocks and courses thru my veins
singing: “Glory be to earth and sky!”

Thanks also for the fallen acorns
rolling like so many marbles under my feet
even for the swarm of tiny flies
that gathers now and then about my face
thru your trials I find the strength
to let be the things I cannot change

Thanks especially for giving me today
the ears to hear your waters singing
the eyes to see leaves dancing on your breath
the lips to taste your fullness
the heart to feel wonder at your beauty

And thanks for the time
to devote this glorious day
to be here
in this place
in these moments
giving thanks

-Wayne Marshall

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