4 Steps To A Front Page Google Ranking

The front page of Google, the top 10 sites showing (sometimes out of Millions) on Google search results page, is perhaps the most valuable bit of online “real estate”. Below are the basic elements required for getting your chosen keyword term to rank in the top 10.  An easy to rank term with few competing sites (usually few searches too but not always) may require very little effort. The more competitive the term, the more work will be required on all levels.

These are all considered “white hat” and long term practices not likely to get the famous “Google slap” as will so many flavor-of-the-month “black hat”, spammy techniques. Taking time for good keyword research is key to know what terms are getting searched and not overly competitive. Having the keyword in your domain name does not hurt, but is not necessary. If you can, save the file name to include the keyword. On most blog sites like Word Press, that means changing the “permlalink” to include the post title, which will have the keyword.

Step 1 – Write Quality, Themed Content

Quality content is keyword focused, not only on primary keyword but themed or related keywords as well. Use software tool such as webcontentstudio.com to help write good themed content. A 500-700 word article is ideal, with primary keyword in title, meta tags, body copy and related keywords throughout. An occurrence of a related keyword every 5-10 words seems to be most effective. Can outsource this to trained writers (we got em for $100 per article)

Step 2 – Pinging and Social Bookmarking

Most blog software like Word Press will automatically ping your post when you publish but if not use pingomatic.com.  Immediately, also use socialmarker.com or similar (or outsourcers) to bookmark your article using the top social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Propeller and others. This should take you 15-20 minutes using the socialmarker tool, or you can outsource it. There is some controversy over whether these links are “followed” and counted by Google, but I have seen first hand my rankings improve with this step alone. Just do it!

Step 3 – Article Marketing

Can simply post copies of exact same article to the scores of article directory sites,  including the mammoth ezinearticles.com, with a link to your page in the resource box.  The incoming links will be valuable but if exactly same content, both pages will not be ranked. Better yet, have the article rewritten to be unique (change by at least 50%) while preserving the themed content in step 1. For just $70 per article, Kaizen Marketing will do a high quality rewrite of your content and submit (via outsourers) to 100 article directory sites for good backlinks AND possibly multiple rankings – front page results for more than one site.

Step 4 – Other Authority Backlinks

In addition to article sites, you should get as many high authority Web 2.0 sites to link to you as possible, including sites like Youtube, Facebook, WordPress, PRlog, eHow, Blogspot and others where you can create and save content, including links. Also, many forum type sites allow user profile pages with links that are followed by Google. Do this yourself or outsource to someone well trained in these methods (Kaizen Marketing of course!) For just $100, we will build 30 high quality links to your specific keyword focused page. For the current top web properties to get links FROM, download the free rank decoding engine. While the sites are not the highest authority, I have seen improvements using this handy link network service: Textlinks.com – the free trial gives you 25 links you can keep.

A front page google ranking is not hard for some terms just using a well optimized page, with quality themed content. For most worth having, you will also need to include a link building campaign, using the keyword in your anchor text links. Kaizen Marketing can help you get there. Contact us for a free site evaluation and specific suggestions to increase your success, and get more targeted traffic to your web site.

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