Facebook Unpublished or Dark Posts

I learned recently about the Power Editor for Facebook ads (available only when using Google Chrome browser). One of the most useful things it can do is create “unpublished” or “dark posts”. These you can promote to new users just like regular promoted posts but without annoying your current fan base, who can see your ads every time you promote a post, not good if using them to promote to new potential customers (which you should! – promoted posts work SO much better than the side bar ads)

My mentor and master trainer Lee McIntyre spells out why you should care and then HOW to set them up, below:

Okay, so today I figured I’d share a nice little tip for getting the most out of Facebook promoted posts.

If you’re using Facebook “Promoted Page Post Ads” to advertise from your fan page, the good news is you can now do this WITHOUT annoying the heck out of your current Facebook fans.

So what do I mean?

Well, every time you create ANOTHER new promoted post to advertise the same product or service from your fan page… your current audience will see these posts appear in their news feed.

And what happens when you keep showing the SAME messages… promoting the same thing…. over and over and over again?

It’s gets very old, very fast, and your audience will likely get pretty annoyed and frustrated and may eventually “unsubscribe” (or in this case, “un-like” your fan page).

And that’s the last thing you want… right?!

Luckily, deep inside of the Facebook Power Editor there’s a really nifty little feature that we use to great effect.

Introducing: Unpublished Posts… or “Dark Posts” for short…

When you create a dark post, it DOESN’T appear on your Facebook page and it DOESN’T appear in the news feed of your current Facebook fans either.

Which is great news !

Because instead, you can now promote your post ONLY to those who are NOT currently fans of your page.

So why would you want to do this?

There are two main reasons…

(1) Now you can keep creating NEW promoted page post ads to promote the SAME product or service over and over again.

(2) Now you can SPLIT TEST your promoted posts against each other to see which ones convert the best.

…all without annoying your current Facebook fans.

For us, the ability to split test our promoted page post ads in this way is HUGE.  It’s a game changer.

And if you’re serious about improving your ads it should be for you too!

So with this new feature we’re now running several different dark posts each day.

We’re using dark posts to test things like…

  • Which hooks work best for our target audience
  • Which images work better than others
  • Which interests respond better to different messages
  • Whether having a link near the top of the post affects click through rate

…and lots more.

In fact, at any one point we might have as many as TWENTY different versions of the same page post ad running, but each post is completely invisible to everyone except those who are targeted with our advertising.

You simply couldn’t pull this off without taking advantage of this feature. Can you imagine how irritated your current fans would be if you suddenly posted twenty different versions of the same ad on your page and in their newsfeed?

Most likely they wouldn’t stay your fans for long.

But how do you set up a dark post?

They’re actually drop dead simple to set up… but to make it even easier for you I’ve created this handy little guide:

Handy Guide Here with complete article >>


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