Facebook Tech Tips

My notes with takeaways from an excellent webinar with Mari Smith, social media queen and someone who really GETS how to use social media correctly to build brands and market your business. For more info and to watch the webinar replay, see Facebook Money Mastery. (yes, ok full disclosure, is an affiliate link and I will make money if you sign up for her excellent course)

Here’s the 9 Tech Tips:

1) Understand Edge Rank, the formula that controls visibility of your newsfeed. Facebook admits that only 16% of fans actually sees your posted content and recommends you “sponsor” your posts (pay them money)

Here are the factors that control how many actual see your posts (without paying for ads)

1) Affinity – relationship with – those who have engaged, liked and commented, will more likely see your posts
2) weight – posts with more comments, likes and photos, are shown more often
3) recency – how recently post was made

Can get high engagement with just 1-2 posts a day


Encourage commenting on all your posts, ask short question to get more comments

2) Include photos, also get more weight – post with 90% of posts.
example, see marismith, image with the link best. Videos and questions also good to increase weight

limit updates to about 160 characters.

3) Don’t post via 3rd party apps – Hootsuite great for twitter, not FB. share button does not show up. BUT if include a photo will include share. Can still get visibility in feed. So include photos and post manually 1-2 a day.

4) Change cover photo regularly every few days, include call to action and link in the description when click on it

5) Redirect Tab: use woobox.com add app that allows you to redirect to site directly – use one of valuable TAB spots for redirect to opt-in page for product.

6) Monitor insights stats – just enough to measure what is doing well and what is NOT. Can look at posts users asked to be hidden too.

7) Respond to comments, as fast as possible. When brands reach out 28% will make a purchase – overcomplicated marketing – reach out, use first names. Can use someone else to moderate onĀ  your behalf, use real names.

8) Use 2 Browsers – log in as personal on one browser and as Page on another

hyperalerts.no – can keep an eye on anyones FB page (even competitors)

9) make use of interest list – use facebook experts and resources like Mari does

Offers are free to set up – can be claimed by mobile devices

Saying is “when marketers move in, members move out”. Be a member, not a marketer, be in the trenches.

Average engagement rate 2%, Lennar got it up to 9% – very good!
(engagement is talking about / likes)

Check out Tabsite app for contests etc. for your Facebook Page

Find own sweet spot posting frequency -Mari’s is 2 x per day

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