Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Business Fan Pages

Facebook advertising is the most promising edge of online marketing today. Business fan pages are a way to personalize your business and have friends, called “fans” of your business. Facebook paid ads can target specific demographics inexpensively. Want to offer folks in your town a special gift a few days before their birthday? You can even show ads only to your fans, who have already expressed interest in your business. (Most are missing this opportunity.)

Here’s why Facebook Fan Pages are so important:

  1. Facebook has over 600,000,000 users, and still growing strong! In other words there are plenty of opportunities for you to market your business. It doesn’t matter which country you live in because Facebook is everywhere.
  2. Facebook officially now has more internet traffic than Google!
  3. The average time spent on Facebook daily is 30 minutes, compared to seconds for just about any other website.
  4. Facebook has the patented newsfeed functionality that every user sees when they login. This can be harnessed to get mass viral exposure to expand your business
  5. People understand and trust Facebook far more than a random website that they find in Google search
  6. Facebook recently released the ‘like button’ where users could collectively vote on various content around the internet. This ‘like button’ has been responsible for dramatically increasing buzz and website traffic. You can use this feature to ramp up your business too.

HINT: if you have a website and do not have the LIKE button working on it, you are missing out on this opportunity – we can help add to your current website.

Custom Facebook Landing Pages

At over 600 MILLION users, Facebook is a powerful force, not to be ignored. Larger businesses have jumped onboard as companies like Starbucks have 20 Million fans. There is now a great opportunity for smaller businesses as well. Build a list of “fans” that will see your messages in their Facebook feed. Engage fans by adding value and then offer occasional specials to drive sales.

Done poorly, social media is a waste of time. Done well, social media is a tremendous business boosting force. Kaizen will help you do it right! We’ll create a custom landing page to deliver a printable discount coupon, but only after they hit the LIKE button. One hour of phone training is included.

Recent Examples of Custom Facebook Landing Pages, taking advantage of brand new Timeline format.




Facebook Ads and Lead Generation

Google Adwords targets users based on keyword searches but Facebook is more like putting a flyer on a bulletin board at a busy, targeted coffee shop where folks are already hanging out and discussing their favorite topics. Facebook ads can be set up to only show to young women engaged to be married, for example, or middle aged college graduates in Los Angeles.  Use paid ads or free techniques to attract users to your page. Facebook ads done right can be very effective.

However, being a primarily social network, you need to use the “Soft Landing” approach, offering your “fans” value and engaging them before trying to sell them anything. And businesses that do this well, are gaining loads of new customers AND making money.

The following diagram shows the flow of attracting users to your fan page, getting them to “Like” the page and later, inviting them to an event or your site to a “lead capture page”.

Some say to offer as many as 50 useful posts before you sell something. Nobody likes a pushy sales person, especially in Social Media, but they will gladly buy from a trusted advisor. And they will!

Is your business is a good candidate for Facebook marketing? (Many are NOT!) Check this recent post to find out: Is Facebook Advertising Right for My Business?


YouTube and Pinterest are also important Social Media to be on now!

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