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With the advent of the Amazon Kindle, the growth of ebook sales over the last few years have been impressive. With sales of e-books on Amazon now surpassing both hardcover and paperbacks as of Jan 2012, the prime time for digital publishing has finally arrived. Most folks who try ebooks, love ebooks. Factors for this explosive growth include the proliferation of exciting new e-reading devices (including the popular Apple iPad); the pleasure and convenience of screen reading; content selection; lower prices; easy purchasing; and great selection.

For authors and self publishers, the opportunities are huge. There are thousands of ebooks in all niche markets, selling over 1000 copies per month. The % paid to authors is much larger than in traditional publishing: 35-70% depending on the price point. For example, a $10 eBook, that is not Public Domain material, pays $7 directly to the author. This innovation is following the massive, global trend of delivering products and information directly to consumers, without the need and added expense of middlemen. The creators get more of the profits and the buyers save money.

I have spent the last year studying the most effective practices and methods for creating, formatting and promoting successful ebooks for Amazon Kindle and also Amazon Create Space (for printed versions of the same eBooks). My client’s “How to Speak in Public” ebook is #1 on Amazon for that search term and is achieving steady sales. Other niche markets are even more wide open, with multiple ebooks selling over 300 copies per month. Is YOUR subject area in one of these hot niches? Are you ready to ride this wave to get your message out there in a bigger way – and to make more money while you are at it?

Our custom and expert tools will empower you to analyze your market and to find the best titles and exact search terms to target. Our specialized formatting tools take the headache out of Kindle formatting, to assure that your materials into the correct and proper form. (Hint: incorrectly formatted Kindle books tend to get negative reviews and bring sales of the book to a sudden halt.) Just provide your 100+ page Word doc, with any images you wish to include, and we will take over from there. Kaizen will format your book and provide proof copies, in the mobi format, to review on a Kindle or a Kindle viewer app (now available for any computer). Once approved, we will upload and configure the eBook on Amazon with the correct categories and description content, all with a focus on maximum search and sales results.

Next: Print on Demand – we will also format your book correctly for Amazon Create Space so buyers can choose between the eBook and Paperback options.

Is it time to get your message out there in a bigger way? Are you ready to help more people with your expertise? Are you prepared to have fun and make more money too? Let us help you to do just that. Call Wayne today and take the first step now. 805-403-1128

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