Dynamic Landing Pages For PPC

What is the dynamic landing page?

The SpeedPPC methodology is developed by Jay Stockwell who is a qualified AdWords Professional.

Dynamic landing pages are a practical way to insert and change content automatically, in response to a search query, so that you can offer the most relevant content to the searcher.

The dynamic landing page is one template, so rather than having thousands of pages that you need to upload and host – it’s simply one page. First, you need to start with a base landing page template that follows Google’s landing page guidelines. By making this template dynamic, you’re simply automating the relevancy required in Google’s guidelines, making what would be unfeasible manually, easily and quickly achievable.

For example, if you sell widgets and a searcher is looking for “blue widgets”, then they would see blue widgets in the ad shown and when they click through, they also see that the page is about “Blue Widgets” – in the page title, meta tags and content. Same for “Green widgets” – in either case, a single dynamic landing page delivers a highly relevant page, improving both Googles quality score AND conversions of visitors to buyers, as the visitors will see EXACTLY what they were looking for. (This assumes your company actually sells both blue and green widgets and if you’re in the widget business, you really should)

A great starting point is if you already have a web site with an existing format that you want to use. Once you’ve got the base template, then you can tweak it to target the actual content of the page dynamically.

Where the dynamic landing page fits with your website

If you’re using your existing web site format for the base template, the dynamic landing page may look like part of your web site.

It may share the same domain name and link back to your main site from the template, riding on the same page rank. Using the same format, it may also have some of the same links, such as About Us or Privacy Policy.

However you won’t be directing any organic or direct traffic to this page. It’s a completely dedicated landing page for pay per click campaigns solely. For example, your main site might be: www.yourwebsite.com an your PPC landing page may be: www.yourwebsite.com/index.php

Direct and organic traffic go to your main website, whereas the dynamic landing page URL is only used in your PPC campaign URLs. Often the dynamic landing page template will be index.php, while the main web site remains .html as it requires a .php page to pass the dynamic content through to the page.

How it synchronizes with your PPC campaign

We use a program called SpeedPPC to automatically synchronize your PPC campaigns with your dynamic landing page template. It works by passing the dynamic content values through the URL, using something called tokens.

For example, if your PPC landing page URL is: www.yoursite.com/index.php, you can pass the values through to customize the page like so:


Multiple “tokens” can be added like so:

www.yoursite.com/index.php?seed=widgets&expansion=blue&final=blue widgets

In this example, we have the flexibility of using different values to use both separately and together to make your landing page content keyword-rich and natural to read as well.  (“Thanks for your interest in [widgets], the [blue widget] is most popular with users who favor the color [blue]” – you get the idea)

The ultimate effect of lining up your keywords with tightly focused adgroups, coupled with relevant landing pages for each adgroup, is that your quality score goes up, your click through rate (CTR) goes up, your cost per click goes down and your conversions of visitors to buyers goes up. And the beauty of it is, it doesn’t matter if you have 10 keywords or 1000, the dynamic landing page, once set up, will serve up the appropriate page, for both the benefit of the search engines AND your site visitor.

Our PPC services include a very reasonably priced option to set up your campaign using SpeedPPC to take full advantage of the cost saving benefits of the dynamic landing page. We also help you make sure your page follows the Google guidelines to include unique and original content that is relevant to what you are selling.

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BTW, this optimized page on an optmized blog took no effort to rank #1 for this term. See for yourself here.

Wayne Marshall

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