Destiny Project Latest WordPress Site

Just finishing up a new blog site for my pal Mikhaila Stettler called the Destiny Project. This is another example of a WordPress site custom designed using the powerful and flexible Thesis theme. It does not currently even look like a blog but has all the powerful Content Management System (CMS) features that my clients love. And Mikhaila will start adding blog articles soon. Blogs and Thesis theme especially is VERY search engine friendly out of the box so our chances of high Google rankings with this site are good.

No more calling your web designer (not even me) to make site changes, in WordPress you can do them yourself. And it’s quite easy. I will show you how.

You may be surprised at how inexpensive these powerful web sites can be. Already have a site? No worries, just add another to link to your main site and give you extra exposure. Especially if you have a static HTML type site, adding a blog site is the best thing you can do for your search rankings and online marketing efforts.

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