Coconut Oil Case Study

UPDATE: Now #7 on the front page of Google! See the results.

original post:

I have been helping my client Nutiva to get traffic and sales for one of their best selling products, organic coconut oil. They currently rank on in the top 10 for “organic coconut oil” and “virgin coconut oil”, but the position for the main term coconut oil (very competitive) has always been just beyond reach at #11 on page 2.

This is not at all bad considering the competitive nature of this term. However, we naturally want to rank on the front page and are trying, not just because that is our job, but because Nutiva really is the premier provider of this stuff. And if you haven’t heard about coconut oil, you should go read the article linked above right now to find out more. (I started using it in cooking instead of olive oil and love it)

So, just now at 11:15pm Nov 10th, I put a new coconut page up on the Nutiva site. This one uses the concepts outlined on my LSI (latent semantic indexing) page to include related terms that we have not used before to create a high quality article which has been added to the bottom of this page. If Google likes this optimized content and extra relevance due to the use of these phrases, I am predicting that this page will jump up a few notches in the rankings. Stay tuned to see how we do… Join our RSS feed to track our progress.

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