Best WordPress Themes

The Very Best Themes for WordPress: Genesis plus a “Child Theme”

If you’d rather not take chances with a possibly buggy or quirky theme, my personal favorite is the highly customizable and solid Genesis framework with dozens of “skins” or “child themes” developed by the creative brainiacs at StudioPress. If you see one of the StudioPress themes you like for your site, I suggest you go for it!

If  WordPress is the engine of your car, Genesis framework is the Body and the Child Theme the paint job. It makes great sense to separate these elements.

The most compelling reason is this: when WordPress itself updates and it does fairly often, a poorly coded theme may break and if you’d done any customizations to your theme, they can get lost if you also update to a new version of the theme. The solid, secure and SEO optimized framework can auto update to keep up with WordPress and you can customize the “child theme” or skin all you want without worrying about future updates.

Child Themes

I especially like a new one called Minimum theme that is very simple and is designed to work with various sized screens including mobile devices. There is a good responsive theme especially for marketers called Generate, which highlights a clear call to action to sign up on email list, something few themes include in such a clear way:

High level bloggers such as WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg ProBlogger Darren Rowse endorse and recommend the Genesis theme. My highest recommendation goes to Genesis “framework” plus one of their child themes. If you do not like their child themes you can also have one of your own custom designed by a Genesis savvy developer (such as Kaizen Marketing)