Addressing the Real Needs Of Your Customer

Exactly Who IS Your Customer?

In order to craft your website and message in a way that addresses the real needs and desires of your customer, you need to get a clear sense of exactly who your customer is and what the real need is. One simple way to start is to ask your customers outright what their issues are, in their lives, in their business, in their relationships, in their health, whatever area you have help for them. And then listen, and listen with an ear for the emotional need underneath the surface need.

Create a series of so that… statements. For example, a woman might want help in her relationship, so that she and her partner can talk more openly, so that she feels more emotionally connected to her man, so that feels loved and cherished. Whatever your niche or market, put your “therapist” hat on and write out all the surface wants and desires, then fill in a series of so that statements that take it to the deeper wants and needs. Your marketing copy and message will then address these deeper wants.

The Customer Avatar

Taking this to the next level, think about your ideal customer, who EXACTLY is most in need of or wanting your product or service? How old is he/she? Where does she live? Married or single? What is her work? What does she like to do in her spare time? What does she get excited about? What does she wake up at night and worry about? Create this “Avatar” with every detail you can imagine as best you can with your market in mind. Give her (or him) a name and start asking questions like: Would Ronda the Romantic resonate with my site and copy – or not? Would she be more moved to take action by this or that design or message?

Chances are, your existing website, like mine, was created to impress someone, feed the ego of the web designer (or yours), just get the damn brochure up online, look pretty, or some other reason besides addressing the real needs of your actual customer. Do this part well and your website will be a loyal, steady, 24/7 sales & support automation tool that correctly delivers your message and manages the tedious and menial chores, so that you can grow your business, so that you have more time to do the things you are really good at, and more time off to spend with friends and loved ones. (Was meant sincerely, but notice the “so that…” statements? Chances are, having more time off is an underlying want of yours.)

An excerpt from Wayne’s upcoming eBook, “The 8 Hour Website”, coming to Amazon Kindle and other formats soon.