To Friends and supporters of Wayne Marshall:

Is time for total transparency and eating the humble pie (yum!) of asking for a bit of help. (notice how my eyes are on this thermometer on the right?)

fbprofileUPDATE: traveled to Mexico to get this dental work but came back to have it done with a root canal specialist here in SB for quite a bit MORE money. Why? Because that’s what my very STRONG inner guidance told me to do. Kept me up all night the night before my appointment to make sure I GOT it. Therefore, the original $1k to the right has been upped to $2k, what it will cost here.

To be honest, I’ve made and spent a LOT of money in my life but have not been so much in the flow the last few years. A few months ago, I created a brand new  site and fund called “From Zero to One” and celebrated every time I added a Zero – $10, $100 and just last week $1000. I did this with personal tithing, putting 10% of everything I made into this fund, right off the top. Seemed impossible at first since I was just getting by as it was, but it works! And I recommend this to anyone! My goal over the next 10 years is to make that $100,000 then $1M to fund my eventual old age. 😉

Watching this amazing new documentary called Money & Life I got inspired to take a creative approach to this dental and money challenge and set up my own little indiegogo or kickstarter campaign to raise this money. I call it the Tooth Fund and I consider it a fun little game you are invited to play! Be my tooth fairy? Sure I have other options, and can go into debt like most folks do, but I worked really hard to get to be debt free and prefer to keep it that way. Ya know?

Any amount is welcome!

8-hour-website200Any amount is welcome from $5 on up and can be easily paid using PayPal button to the right that says “‘donate”. For all donations of $50 or above, I offer my services to you for an hour of tech geek web or email help you may need. (my usual friends rate is $60 so this a great deal)

For ALL donations, I am offering on the thank you page (right after your paypal payment) the full documentary film which inspired this and WILL inspire you AND also a free excerpt of my book in process: The 8 Hour Website (it’s highly valuable – much of what others charge for I offer in this easy to read short eBook)

This is relatively small amount in the scheme of things. If 100 friends each gave $10 I would have it covered. If 50 gave $20, and if just 20 gave $50 each, I would be good. This is an exercise in asking (for me) and an exercise in community sharing (for you).

Instant Gratification!

So, please consider playing this Tooth Fund game with me. Hit the button on the right and donate whatever you want. Since it is integrated with PayPal, you will have the immediate thrill of seeing this funding thermometer rise with the amount of your donation.

How amazing is this technology we can use AND especially how amazing are WE as a community of humans who can open hearts and wallets and share with each other in times of need. Hurray for US! Hurray for me! Hurray for my new Tooth!

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In love and abundance,




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