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The 8 Hour Website Sampler

I hope you enjoy this excerpt. It’s free but do not underestimate it’s value.  These 21 pages include vital information that has cost me thousands to learn and can completely transform your business and your life – for the better!

If you donated $50 or more, contact me to install a similar fund raising campaign on your WordPress based site. Don’t have a WordPress site? get one! Or ask me for some other bit of tech geek type of help you might need (one hour max) Call me at 805-403-1128.

I thank you, my tooth thanks you, my zero-to-one account thanks you. You rock!

Money & Life Film

Below is the film Money & Life which inspired this idea of asking for support around this in a creative way. Watch it here, watch on YouTube, watch with friends, watch it at a local screening, but just watch it! Your world view and perspective on money WILL shift and you will want to pass it along to your friends as well. And while you are in a generous mood, I suggest you go to the site and donate a few $ to the filmmakers, who did such an excellent job on this. Click here for the film site >>